Quality Management

We rely on an active quality management for a perfect production flow of our paper cores and edge protector solutions. We manufacture our products on modern machinery, thereby achieving a high level of process reliability for you, comprehensible procedures and high quality standards. At the same time, we guarantee this extra safety for you through continuous, internal quality controls according to standardised inspection schedules and specifications. The result: Constant product quality and a high level of delivery reliability.

Certified safety

Our manufacturing plant for paper cores and edge protector solutions is ISO 9001 certified.

Environmental management

Environmental Management

Quality, hygiene and a conscious use of resources, as well as environmental friendliness, are the focus of our products. Driven by your requirements, we use an active environmental management. For example, we not only strive for an efficient use of natural resources, but also for a reduction in the environmental impacts from noise, exhaust gases, formation of dust and wastewater.

Energy management

Energy Management

Our employees actively strive for an efficient energy management. Our stated aim: We would like to fulfil your specific requirements for paper cores and edge protector solutions, while simultaneously producing energy-efficiently. To this end, we have developed systematic energy-saving measures, which are applied across all company divisions.

Best example: We are committed to efficient use of energy. This is the case from purchasing to production and maintenance to our investments. This is why we regularly measure and review the energy consumption of our systems and processes for an efficient energy management. In this way, energy-saving potential in the manufacture of our paper cores and edge protector products can be best determined and optimised. You can be confident with us: Our products are manufactured with sustainable energy-saving and environmentally-friendly processes.