Your requirements are the benchmark for our production of your paper cores. So that you are content with our products, we not only use our many years of experience, we also provide a comprehensive service. This includes, for example, delivery with our own trucks. This allows us to deliver quickly and safely.

Measuring winding pressure

Through intensive winding pressure research, we manage to offer you the ideal paper core for every requirement. First of all, on your winding systems, we measure the actually operating radial pressure which we then adjust. Then we measure the internal deformation of the paper core. Based on these results, we optimise our paper cores according to your requirements. In addition, measuring the winding pressure allows us to find sources of errors in the winding process, which do not result from the paper core. What else do we do? Long-term tests, climate tests and setting optimisation for winders. Apart from you, machine manufacturers also profit from our knowledge.

Cutting centre

Clean and dust free cutting edges: This characterises paper cores for the films and foils industry. A matching paper core and cutting machine is critical for a clean cut. So that this is achieved, many factors have to be right. This applies both to the type of knife as well as to the grindings and speed of rotation. Are you still looking for the right cutting machine for your paper cores? At Beillard Tubes Carton S.A we can help you.

Do you want to perform a practical test on cutting machines for your paper cores? Then visit the Paul & Co cutting centre in Wildflecken.

Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI) System

We provide you with support as a competent advisor. Together we find custom-made solutions for every challenge. For example, in this way we have also succeeded in simplifying your stock management for you with our Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI) system. The advantages of the system: Reduced costs, optimal quantities of goods, permanent stock-taking. Together with you, we specify the target and minimum stock levels; our customer advisors then independently manage your stock levels within these limits. 

Your benefits:

  • No more Out-Of-Stock situations and incorrect quantity information
  • Considerably reduced costs and reduced work in goods ordering and administration
  • Lower error ratios thanks to permanent stock-taking
  • Monitoring and scheduling function self-sufficiently


Of course, as a company of Paul & Co, we also offer you other services. More information can be found in the Service section of Paul & Co.